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Take-Two potentially opening new offices in Las Vegas

Jordan Mallory

Take-Two, publisher of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Borderlands 2, et al, may soon be opening new offices in Las Vegas, according to proposal documents concerning Take-Two and The City of Las Vegas Redevelopment Agency. If opened, the new facility would employ a minimum of 150 persons full-time, all of whom would earn a "gross average hourly wage, including overtime, of at least $18 per hour."

The agreement also stipulates that, in order for Take-Two to be eligible for the (up to) $600,000 in incentives, 15 percent of all full-time employees must be "full time residents within the Agency's redevelopment area" as well as "members of racial minorities, women, disabled or veterans."

The purpose of the facility is still uncertain; whether this could be a new studio or a satellite testing office is unknown. It's worth noting, however, that while $18 an hour sounds like QA/testing wages, that's the minimum amount required by the agreement and may not accurately reflect what the real average ends up being.

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