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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is all angry about stuff


In one week's time, Disney acquired Lucasfilm and announced Star Wars Episode 7, and Halo 4 approached its impending release date. Non-fans of either series, sadly, might take to generally mean-spirited quips about either piece of news.

The fact is, super fans of either major sci-fi franchise deserve to be thrilled. Frankly, there is a clear-cut difference between merely discussing a brand of entertainment and seemingly ruining it for others. I find that those lines get depressingly blurred when these amazing moments in pop culture arrive.

As a reminder: It's totally okay to enjoy things. It's also equally okay to not enjoy things. Let's remember both sides of it, and all be friends, not "fun-ruiners." While we group hug, snag a glimpse at last week's webcomics, then vote for your favorites after the break!

Dumb Times Fifty (Loldwell)
President Evil (Angimoto)
Crash and Burn (Nerd Rage)
FanFact (Fanboys)
Wrecked By Ralph (Dorkly)
Psy Man (Virtual Shackles)
Assassin's Steed (Penny Arcade)


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