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PS3 passes safety certification in China, valid to 2016


The PlayStation 3 received regulatory approval in China via the China Compulsory Certificate, which outlines safety requirements for participation in the Chinese market. Sony was granted the Certificate in July and it is valid through 2016.

Consoles in general have been banned in China since 2000, though customers are able to purchase them as grey market imports – this means the consoles are legally bought and sold, though the transactions stem from third parties not affiliated with console manufacturers. Other consoles, such as China's own Eedoo, can be sold under the label of "home entertainment devices."

Last we heard of Sony scoping out the Chinese PS3 market, it signed a letter of intent to implement training and R & D buildings in Guangzhou province, and hinted at developing games in the region. July's Certificate doesn't guarantee PS3 sales in China, but it's certainly a step toward a console incursion in the Asian mainland.

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