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The Daily Grind: Are you for or against casting while moving?


With the new guard of MMOs this year comes an unexpectedly interesting shift in game design: the removal of movement restrictions from casting. Titles like The Secret World and Guild Wars 2 have thrown out this age-old tradition in favor of a more mobile casting environment. All of the sudden, spellcasters have found their "game legs" -- but is this a good thing? And do you want to see it spread across the MMO industry?

Those in the traditionalist camp might say that allowing casters to discover the joys of bipedal locomotion will greatly unbalance games as we know them. They claim that it's a necessary weakness to counterbalance the massive ranged damage and abilities that such classes are capable of doing. And there is the possibility that it is another spot of erosion on the uniqueness defining these roles.

Let's give it up to you to decide today: Are you for or against casting while moving?

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