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Command and Conquer sets aim for beta in first half of 2013


Command and Conquer, EA's upcoming free-to-play iteration, is targeting its beta for the first half of 2013. Community Manager Eric Krause laid down the window in a candid blog post, saying the beta will be the longest ever for a Command and Conquer game.

Krause also used the post to name-check Command and Conquer 4 as "especially far below the expectations and standards a lot of us had for C&C games." It's interesting to see EA openly criticize its previous efforts, but maybe not surprising given the publisher's approach to the new game. There's been much talk of new directions and bringing the franchise back to its roots, so it's clear EA wants fans to know it's trying to win them back.

That includes listening to said fans. EA President Frank Gibeau recently revealed Command and Conquer will have single-player, in response to negative feedback about the decision to can it. By the sounds of it, Victory expects next year to be a slog through many months of further feedback from the beta.

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