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Massively exclusive: Newest Vindictus boss can swallow you whole

Shawn Schuster

New content is hitting Vindictus later this month in the form of a serpent boss with a few tricks up its sleeve -- if snakes had sleeves, that is.

Lakoria is described as the "grand-daddy of all serpents," complete with purple venom, shedding skin, and the ability to swallow your character in one big gulp.

In this special exclusive reveal, we've teamed up with Nexon to bring you new screenshots of the boss and a brief developer diary with more details. You can check it all out right after the cut below.

Season 2: New Town, New Quests, New Battles!

The sun casts warm rays on the beach as Evie wanders through Malina, a new town by the coast with its own harbor. What a great view of the water! Like Colhen and Rocheste this new land is inhabited by friendly residents who will share their stories and give you quests. You'll spend a lot of time here exploring expansive new missions and joining your mates in battle quests that take place in brand new maps.

There are two new battle maps in Season 2; Crescent Moon Island and Ship Graveyard. In this article we'll talk about Crescent Moon Island (a tropical land surrounded by fresh sea).
Once on the Island you'll be engulfed in a lush majestic jungle scene full of greenery and tropical flowers. But don't become too enchanted by its beauty, there are man-eating insects and spear-wielding Jungle Trolls that can attack at any moment, and that's not all! You must be geared up, ready, and well equipped for everything the land has to offer.

Massively exclusive Newest Vindictus boss slithers
One of the many surprises home to Crescent Moon Island, and don't say we didn't warn you, is "Big Boy," Lakoria -- the Grand-Daddy of all serpents. To even stand a chance against this lightning-fast super snake you'll have to rally the whole team. Lakoria is full of agile attacks, possesses a strong defense, and he even shoots out purple venom! And (spoiler alert!) in phase 2 of his attack, he sheds his skin to become even more powerful and deadly than before. After that, you and your team only have a short amount of time to bring him down and avoid his lethal strains of venom and devastating tail strikes. And if these bone-crushing attacks weren't enough, he can now swallow you whole. Players should note: One of his favorite moves is to burrow deep underground, then erupt with the force of a 200-ton freight train. If you hope to survive Lakoria, you'd better bring your friends and your A game.

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