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Star Citizen can't be done on current-gen consoles, says Roberts


Chris Roberts says Star Citizen's RAM requirements, based on its proof-of-concept video, aren't met by current-gen consoles. Speaking to Ars Technica, the game's creator also dismissed potential iterations, promising top-end PCs of today are "already more powerful than what a next-generation console is going to be." While he's aiming high with hardware requirements, Roberts expects them to be standard for PC when Star Citizen releases in two years' time.

"You can't do that much with 512MB [of RAM on a console], so that constrains a lot of your game design," said Roberts. "If I'm building a PC game, I'm going 'Yeah, you need 4GB on your machine.' Of course you're not going to get all 4GB because Windows is a hungry beast, but you're getting a lot more than 512MB so it kinds of open up what you can do, what you can fit in memory at the same time, and it changes your level of ambition."

That doesn't mean the game will necessarily be limited to PC, though. Developer Cloud Imperium set up a poll recently for further stretch goals to include in its fundraiser, with options of support for Mac and Linux. As it stands, 19 percent of voters want Linux support, with Mac on 8 percent. Both are way behind the likes of "tactical command mode on capital ships" (37 percent), "more star systems in Star Citizen" (39 percent), and more flyable ship classes (41 percent). If I were you, Mac users, I wouldn't hold my breath.

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