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The Ben Heck Show kicks off season 3 by clamping down on texting while driving (video)

Zachary Lutz

Gadget modder extraordinaire, Benjamin Heckendorn, has returned with season 3 of The Ben Heck Show. Along with new segments such as news, viewer questions and rants, you'll find that Ben has whipped up a creative solution to the problem of texting while driving. Using the ShopBot CNC router, Ben carves out a chastity belt of sorts -- his words, not ours -- to form the casing of a system that will sound an alarm whenever one's car is running and their phone isn't in the protective dock. The anti-texting system also logs its status to an SD card, which can then be reviewed at a later time. It won't be until next week's episode that we get to see the final product, but all the geeky bits that make this project possible can be found in the season opener, which you'll find right after the break.

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