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    Daily iPad App: Art Authority K-12 presents historical works of art in a kid-friendly package


    Art Authority from Open Door Networks is a stellar iOS app that lets you browse through major works of art on your iPad or iPhone. Though teachers may want to use Art Authority in school, the app presents nudes and other art that may not be suitable for classroom use. Open Door Networks recognized this deficiency and recently released a kid-friendly K-12 version of their popular art-filled application.

    The developers scanned through 55,000 western paintings and sculptures and marked those that could be inappropriate for kids. Rather than remove the historic works, the team cropped them to remove any offensive parts. In Michelangelo's Creation of Adam on the Sistine Chapel, for example, children will only see the outspread fingers and not the nude figures. The K-12 version is equally as informative as the full version and the artwork is pleasing to view. The app also looks great on both the Retina iPad and the iPad mini.

    Art Authority K-12 is available in the iOS App Store for US$3.99 and is worth the download if you have children at home or in the classroom.

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