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HTC revenues continue to drop at alarming rates, down 61% from last October


It's no secret that HTC has hit a bit of a rough patch. Things started taking a turn for the worse in Q4 of 2011 when its revenue finally stopped growing and profits dropped along with it. Its been a continuous slide since and, if October's sales numbers are any indication, Q4 of 2012 isn't going to be when he Taiwanese manufacturer finally stops the bleeding. For the second month in a row revenues fell by double digits, down almost 19 percent from from September. Year-over-year, things are even worse. Revenues are down 61 percent from October of last year, a significant fall from even last month's 53 percent drop off. The company may even struggle to meet its rather conservative earnings goals. Things are beginning to looks seriously dire for the company which has fallen almost as spectacularly as it climbed. But there's always hope. With the Windows Phone 8X, 8S and the One X+ all right around the bend, the final two months of the quarter could present HTC with a chance at redemption.

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