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Kingz blends RTS, MMO, and collectible card game elements

Jef Reahard

The latest MMO to jump on the z-powered name bandwagon is Kingz, a LogiWorks title that looks to blend RTS, MMO, and collectible card game mechanics.

Steparu has a quick preview and a gameplay trailer from G-Star that introduces the game's instanced kingdoms and kingdom management. That takes care of the RTS aspects mentioned above, but what about the MMO part? Well, apparently players can leave their private kingdom at any time and adventure in the wider world, encountering traditional MMO mobs, resources, and other players.

PvP is also an option, though you can only attack another player's kingdom if he's actually online. The card game elements are broken down into three distinct phases. The first card type boosts your kingdom resources, harvesting abilities, etc. The second card type is equipped on your player character and affects individual combat abilities. The third and final card type is used during siege warfare. Get a look at all this and more via the gameplay trailer after the cut.

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