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Microsoft partners with Devicescape to give WP8 users access to over 11 million WiFi hotspots


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Microsoft has secured access to over 11 million WiFi hotspots for Windows Phone 8 users today by inking a deal with virtual network provider Devicescape. Hoping to help people avoid pesky data overages, this partnership uses Windows Phone 8's Data Sense feature to locate participating hotspots from Devicescape's group of pre-approved WiFi access points. When launched, the app pulls up a Bing-powered map displaying nearby hotspots and vets them based on their signal strengths. Now before you start dreaming of watching your entire Netflix queue on your shiny new Lumia 920, keep in mind that Verizon's currently the only US carrier on the Data Sense bandwagon. Hopefully Microsoft's customer-friendly approach to mobile data will motivate other service providers to follow suit as more Windows Phone 8 handsets become available.

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Easy Access to High-Quality Hotspots Offers Windows Phone Users Cost Effective Data Use

SAN BRUNO, Calif.,November 6, 2012 Devicescape, the WiFi offload company, today announced that it has licensed WiFi data from its Curated Virtual Network (CVN) to Microsoft forWindows Phone 8. This agreement will allow Windows Phone 8 users to easily and reliably locate high-quality hotspots leading to a significantly improved user experience while reducing mobile data costs.

"Mobile data caps, tiers and throttling are limiting the smartphone experience", said Dave Fraser, CEO of Devicescape. "By leveraging the Devicescape network of public hotspots, Microsoft can now pass along tremendous value to its Windows Phone 8 users enabling them to locate a nearby quality WiFi network. Windows Phone 8 users will now have an alternative way to manage their monthly data plan while maintaining the quality of service they are accustomed to from their mobile provider."

Devicescape's CVN is the most advanced collection of high-quality hotspots with over 11 million to date. By leveraging crowd-sourced data from the millions of devices already deployed, the ever-growing WiFi network is constantly discovering new hotspots while continuously measuring the quality of existing access points. The inclusion of WiFi data from the CVN for Windows Phone 8 serves to enhance the overall user experience while providing significant value to end-users and the Microsoft suite of mobile solutions.

"Devicescape has the leading collection of WiFi hotspots," said Reid Kuhn, Windows Phone Program Manager. "By utilizing the Devicescape WiFi hotspot data, Windows Phone 8 users will be able to locate free and popular WiFi hotspots, allowing them to save money wherever they may be."

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