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Sevencore's Shadow Crusade update incorporates new class and race


Fledgling MMO Sevencore passed through a significant rite of passage today by releasing its first update, Shadow Crusade. The fantasy/sci-fi title, which launched last month, is fleshing out its content offerings with a new class, an additional race, crafting changes, and a PvP arena.

New to the game is the Assassin class, a melee fighter that relies on high chances to crit and dodge. Assassins use daggers and dual claws, which give the option for single- or multi-target attacks, respectively. Shadowcore is also adding the diminutive but powerful Aimon race. Aimon characters get a boost to their mounts' energy and have a faster out-of-combat health regen.

Finally, Shadow Crusade is looking to make waves with a 5v5 PvP arena, a new zone, a level cap increase to 95, and a new type of crafting that combines old gear to make better items.

[Source: gPotato press release]

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