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The Daily Grind: If your favorite game relaunched, what one thing would you fix?

Eliot Lefebvre

When Final Fantasy XIV relaunches, my greatest wish is that tanking will actually feel fun. I've done my best to enjoy tanking, but the way the game expects you to tank isn't what I'd call a fun ride. Even if everything else stayed exactly the same, I'd declare the relaunch a screaming success if that changed.

A lot of games don't relaunch -- the majority, even, unless you count now-ubiquitous free-to-play conversions. But those that do so change a lot about the game, some of it good, some of it bad. Today, we're not asking for all of the things you'd change if you had the choice; today, we want to pick a single element of a game that you like. A lone thing that bothers you that you would want changed.

Maybe you'd like to enhance the game's crafting. Maybe you'd like to improve the storytelling. Maybe you even would just add in a few more travel options around a particularly annoying point. If your favorite game was relaunching, what's the one thing that you would want to see fixed in the new version?

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