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Mass Effect celebrates N7 day with multiplayer event and discounts


The video game community has a growing number of annual holidays lately, including the Steam Summer Sale, Bungie Day, and the annual Desert Bus drive. Now you can add one more note to that calendar, as BioWare is declaring November 7 (today) as "N7 Day," an annual chance to celebrate everything Mass Effect. In addition to yet another multiplayer challenge (with a special banner up for grabs), there are some new behind-the-scenes presentations on the official website and big discounts on all of the N7 gear in the BioWare store.

This month marks the fifth anniversary of the original Mass Effect. EA and BioWare are promoting the Mass Effect Trilogy release, which combines all three games and hit stores earlier this week (the PS3 version arrives early next month). Oh, and given how surprised we are that it's been five years since the first Mass Effect game released, N7 Day apparently also celebrates just how super old we feel right now.

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