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Even American Express wants you to complete Halo 4


If you're playing that Halo 4 game today – and have an American Express card – you'd do well to watch the video above. American Express is offering cash off your bill, gift certificates to Best Buy and other retailers, select deals with partner companies like AMC Theaters, and a chance to go to E3 on their dime, simply for playing Halo 4.

After syncing your card with your Xbox Live account, you can complete special objectives in Halo 4 to earn the goods – well, okay, the objectives aren't that special. Finishing the campaign on Normal or tougher difficulties will knock $25 off your statement. Completing a Spartan Ops mission will get you a voucher for $50 at Best Buy when you spend $100, and if you want that free trip to E3 you need to be one of the first 25 to finish the campaign solo on Legendary.

Knowing you guys, it's too late for that last one already.

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