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EverQuest II does away with coin limitations on accounts

Eliot Lefebvre

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Recently, EverQuest II introduced Krono, tokens that can be redeemed for subscription time in the game. In theory, this meant that players who were normally free players could purchase game time with in-game currency. However, there was a practical problem with this -- players who purchased Krono tokens weren't exactly giving them away on the cheap, and free players were limited to a currency cap that made purchasing the game time impossible in practice if not in theory.

The most recent game update contains a number of balance tweaks and bugfixes, but the most relevant portion is the abolition of the coin limit, allowing players both free and subscribed to earn money without an upward limit. This gives free players the ability to earn the money they need to buy game time, and it gives players buying Krono tokens a new market for these little bits of time. Everybody comes out on top, except for the monsters that will inevitably be slaughtered to fund these time-related antics.

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