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Fourth generation iPad bests Playstation Vita in graphics power


Portable gaming has come a long way in recent years, but in many ways the biggest push for gaming on the go has come from smartphone and tablet makers, rather than video game hardware manufacturers. Nowhere is this more apparent than a recent GPU throwdown test by AnandTech that shows the new fourth-generation iPad boasts enough graphical might to edge out known benchmarks of Sony's PlayStation Vita.

The Vita was released in February of this year, making it a relative newcomer -- not to mention the most powerful dedicated gaming handheld ever. But with the new iPad's huge increase in graphical muscle over the Apple's previous, third-generation tablet, it manages to top Sony's portable console.

Now, just because the new iPad's guts are technically more capable of rending a game world than the Vita, there are other factors to consider. The biggest is screen size, and with so many more pixels to power than the Vita, the fourth-gen iPad still has to make compromises when it comes to resolution.

[Via: VentureBeat]

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