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NCsoft 3Q report shows GW2 at top of global sales

MJ Guthrie

NCsoft, the publisher responsible for two Guild Wars games, Blade & Soul, and Aion, has seen significant growth over the past fiscal quarter thanks to the successful launch of Guild Wars 2. The company's 3Q 2012 earnings report released earlier today shows a hefty increase in sales, profit, and income compared not only to the previous quarter but to the entire year.

The report also offers a breakdown of sales by region as well as sales by games. While overall sales in Korea far outnumber sales in the North America or Europe, the availability of GW2 globally could be what put that game at the top of the sales list ahead of Blade & Soul, which is available only in Korea. You can see a detailed breakdown on the graphs after the break. To get a look at all the numbers, you download the PDF file.

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