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Pixar names building after Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs was critical to the early success of Pixar, and the animation company has honored that legacy by naming the studio's main building the Steve Jobs Building. A photo posted to Twitter by Pixar employee Junn Lee shows the building, which was designed by Jobs during his time at the company.

Jobs bought Pixar, then known as The Graphics Group, from Lucasfilm's computer graphics division in 1986. He adopted the name Pixar and was the executive producer on the company's first film, Toy Story, which was released in 1995. A series of animated hits including Finding Nemo, Cars, and Ratatouille followed the breakout success of Toy Story. Pixar was acquired by Disney in 2007. The all-stock transaction totaled US$7.4 billion and made Jobs the largest individual shareholder in Disney.

[Via Pixar Times; hat tip to Jeff Agapitos]

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