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RuneScape announces launch date for Evolution of Combat patch

Eliot Lefebvre

Fans of violence in RuneScape have something to cheer about today as the release date has finally been announced for the game's massive overhaul of the combat mechanics. On November 20th, the patch goes live after five months of active testing and rebalancing based on feedback. And it's got far-reaching implications for the game as a whole -- by improving the game's combat mechanics and battle environments, the developers can introduce content that wouldn't have worked under the old system.

So what can players expect? Abilities are replacing the special attacks found on weapons with several new options for battle, and a new resource (Adrenaline) will go into activating your more powerful combat skills. Characters will also be able to make full use of both hands via dual-wielding, offering more aggressive options as well as more equipment options for mages. The announcement also promises a livestream this weekend to help players learn about and understand the changes before they go live in a couple weeks.

[Thanks to Andrew for the tip!]

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