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Smash Vote for iOS makes it out just in time


Back at 360iDev in Denver earlier this year, I met a guy named Tate Jennings, an indie developer behind a company called Mighty Bits. Jennings was working on a game called Smash Vote, which he described to me as a political fighting game. It was literally a game featuring versions of famous politicians like Obama and Romney fighting it out Mortal Kombat-style with each other. I joked to Jennings that he'd better hurry, because he'd have to get it done by November 6, and he replied with a sort of exasperated shrug. That, it turned out, was exactly his goal. I'm happy to announce that he made it: Smash Vote arrived on the App Store yesterday, sliding through Apple's approval cycle just in the nick of time.

Of course, I'm not telling you about it until today, which is technically a day after the election. But it's still a good bit of cheesy political fun. You can choose to fight as either of yesterday's opponents or other famous faces like Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin, and "debate" it out with punches and kicks. There's not a lot to it, but it's a completely free app, and if you want to take out some aggression on a politician (perhaps either because you lost or won), it's worth the download. Jennings says there's updates coming soon, to add voiceovers, special moves, more characters and all of the other features he wasn't able to sneak in before the Election Day deadline.

Congrats to Jennings on his hard work. All indie developers on the App Store are of course working hard, but he gave himself a hard deadline on a pretty ambitious game, and while not everything made it in to the current release, Smash Vote showed up right on time.

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