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Sprint updates Samsung Galaxy Note II with Multi-Window feature

Brad Molen

Multi-Window is a key feature for the Samsung Galaxy Note II because it adds split-screen functionality to the device's 5.5-inch display -- allowing you to run two apps at the same time -- but unfortunately it has been noticeably absent on the phone's US versions. Until today, the carriers have remained oddly silent about if or when their model would even receive it. Two weeks after its initial release, Sprint's Note II will receive an update (L900VPALJC) that enables the missing feature, in addition to some minor enhancements to GPS, email and SMS. We're expecting to see the rollout start today, but Sprint advises us that it may take up to five days before it hits your particular unit. It's about time -- and we can only hope that the other carriers will follow up with updates fairly quickly. Head to the source link to find out how to install the update, as well as full details on the other fixes in the new build.

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