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Total Recall Online trailer shows off the game for the first time

Shawn Schuster

It's been exactly a year (from tomorrow) since we last reported on the Total Recall MMO, back when it was confirmed by SEE Virtual Worlds as part of its acquisition of several popular intellectual properties. Now, thanks to an exclusive video interview over at Lorehound, we learn more about what Chinese developer ZQGame is looking to do with the browser-based title.

The two factions -- The Resistance and The Federal Government -- are said to be set up with good and bad on both sides, opening up the world of morality and ethics to players. Producer K.J. Lin speaks about the features we can most look forward to, including vehicles like magnetic hover cars and motorcycles, companions to act as bodyguards, three main classes that will grow and change according to your faction and game choices, and much more. Give the entire video trailer a look after the cut below and check out some tracks from the game's soundtrack while you're at it.

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