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Heart of Fear World First race hit by Heroic Nerf


The first boss of the heroic version of Heart of Fear is causing some problems. The irony of the mantid raid having some bug issues has not escaped us here at WoW Insider, but there are some more serious issues at hand than light hearted jokes can describe.

After nearly 17 hours of raiding in the US, and 8 in the UK, Blizzard Community Manager Nethaera took to the forums to say the following:

The Heroic Zor'lok encounter is currently more difficult than intended. While we prefer to avoid changes to encounters in the midst of progression, we would like to fix a few quality of life issues and make some targeted balance changes that do not invalidate the efforts that guilds have put into learning the encounter so far. Later today a hotfix will make the following adjustments:
  • Zor'lok's Echoes will pause briefly before beginning to cast Song of the Empress.
  • Zor'lok's berserk timer has been increased slightly.
  • Zor'lok will no longer summon Echoes of Force and Verve during the final phase of the encounter.

Nethaera later returned to the forums to add that the hotfix was implemented shortly after the original post, and yet there still hasn't been a kill of Imperial Vizier Zor'lok on heroic, in 25-man or 10man.

A couple of guilds have bypassed Zor'lok altogether, with Finnish guild Arctica taking world first 10-man heroic Blade Lord Ta'yak, and DarkStorm taking the 25-man world first. Arctica have continued through the raid and taken down Garalon, too! It's great to see a small guild taking on the big names, and the 10-man race for World First seems to be between one Finnish guild, Paragon, challenged by another Finnish guild, Arctica! What is it about Finland?

Two further guilds have defeated 10-man Ta'yak, but still no kills on Zor'lok. There's already been a twitter account set up in Zor'lok's honor, where he mainly talks about his occasional moves to the left.

UPDATED: EU Guild Method just took World First 25-Heroic Grand Vizier Zor'lok! No 10-man kills so far. Paragon took World First 10-Heroic Grand Vizier Zor'lok!

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