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Player guide explains Mabinogi 2 Arena gameplay

MJ Guthrie

After the recent release of various videos demonstrating the upcoming Mabinogi 2 Arena, players have voiced questions about how the gameplay works and which predecessor it will more closely resemble, Mabinogi or Vindictus. In answer, Steparu has put together an initial explanation of the combat mechanics and gameplay.

The guide maps out the keyboard controls for both attacks and counter moves; fighting is controlled by only seven keys (X, Z, C, and 1-4), with one more (Q) bound to consuming potions. It also highlights one of Mabinogi 2 Arena's unique features -- the fact that attack animations change depending on where an enemy is situated and what condition it is in (such as stunned). Once in battle, Mabinogi veterans will recognize that mobs glowing different colors signifies which skill or action the mobs are using.

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