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Tour Italy via your iPhone or iPad

Mel Martin

Fotopedia has added another luscious app in its travel series. Fotopedia Italy is a free universal iOS app that is like a coffee table book with some interactive features.

The app features a large collection of high-resolution images optimized for the Retina display and iPhone 5. A Trip Builder allows you to create personalized tours, and has interactive maps. It's great for planning a real trip or just doing the touring on your touch screen.

There are tours of the Sistine Chapel and the Italian Alps, and some spectacular views of the cliffs of Capri. All the images can be saved for use as wallpaper.

The app supports nine languages, and allows you to save your tours or forward them to friends or family via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Along with the images, there is text giving background on the things you are looking at, and while there is not a lot of depth, you can certainly learn something about Italy.

A couple of minor quibbles. I'd like to see links to Wikipedia for more information, and the app doesn't contain any help. When you select help, you get a catalog of other Fotopedia apps. Video would also be nice, but it's not a feature of this app.

The app is an 8.2 MB download, and most of the content comes via the Internet. At times the app reacted slowly, even on a WiFi connection, but streaming the content seems a good idea because otherwise the app would be pretty large.

There are some sample screen shots in the gallery below.

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