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Tumblr iOS app updated, now completely native


Finally jumping headfirst into iOS with a redesigned experience, the updated Tumblr app is now live on the App Store. Whereas the previous version relied in part on simplified web views to replicate the Tumblr feel, the new experience is 100 percent native to iOS.

After playing around with the new app for a few minutes, it's obvious how much faster it is compared to the previous version. Flipping from screen to screen is quick and responsive. Composing a post actually feels like something you might want to do on the go, now that there's no frustrating lag.

The app has undergone a pretty significant redesign with larger photos, new blog portraits, additional gesture controls for ease of use and -- gasp -- animated GIF support. These new bullet points are great additions, but it's hard to believe it's almost 2013, and the Tumblr iOS app just now added the ability to play animated GIFs automatically. I mean, have you ever logged in to your Tumblr account and not viewed at least a dozen adorable cat GIFs? It's just us? Oh...

[Via TechCrunch]

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