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The Queue: Penguin

Michael Sacco

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

My partner cannot stop picking this penguin cookie jar up and hugging it when we go to Target. Every single time we go. Every time.

cervicio asked:

I got my warrior to level 90 in a DPS spec and am at a 460 iLevel. I want to start tanking regular MoP dungeons. Should I buy some 408 green tanking gear or is the 460 DPS gear better for that level of dungeon?

There's actually a craftable set of 450 tanking gear that doesn't require any rare mats to make; it doesn't even require max blacksmithing. Those pieces are a much better option than losing 52 item levels!

LeighHunt asked:

Why can't Guild Leaders change the name of their guild?

They can, but it's a service you have to buy from Blizzard on your account page. It costs $20.

Anastrace asked:

If there was a new weapon added, I'd hope for pistols to dual wield on my hunter. Then I'd just need a trinket to release some doves and bam, John Woo action time.

Blizzard actually considered (and maybe even worked on, for a bit) dual pistols for hunters for Wrath, but they never made it into the game. Alas.

EAcevedo asked:

After faction changing my Druid the other day, I got to thinking...why in the world can cursed humans (Worgen) become Druids, yet Humans can not? And also, Pandaren...are they not in tune enough with nature to become Druids? Or did Blizz just not want to design new forms for them? I think dropping to all fours when switching to bear form would be supremely amusing...but that's a whole new can of worms, I guess.

Some Gilneans still followed the "old ways," which was basically low-level nature magic, to help with harvests and things like that. That's all they were capable of. The curse gave them a direct link to the night elven pantheon and the Emerald Dream. It's safe to assume that without that link, shapeshifting would be very difficult to master. But remember that available player race/class combos aren't necessarily about what's possible -- it's about what "fits" with the racial kit, and human druids don't really work with that right now.

Natasha asked:

any tips for leveling 4 characters from 85-90 in one weekend without losing my sanity

Here's a tip: Some Pokémon only evolve when traded

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