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Capcom makes DmC 'Home Truths' gameplay vid official


Most footage we've seen of DmC: Devil May Cry shows off the new, electric environments, neon-demonic levels and jazzy combos. The above gameplay footage, dubbed "Home Truths," harkens back to the series' classic, gothic feel, and contains minor story spoilers regarding Dante's ancestral background.

Capcom says the Home Truths video "has been floating around the interwaves for a bit now," and it provides some insight into DmC's holistic value. Specifically, Capcom notes that it "bears a stark contrast to the other areas we've seen in gameplay footage so far" and it's "a bit more exploratory than some of the more action-focused locales we've been showing off."

Skip the story spoilers and cut straight to the action at 1:30, but make sure to tear your eyes away by 2:53. Feel free to resume at 3:30.

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