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UK court says Apple notice was 'false and misleading,' orders full repayment of Samsung's legal costs


Nothing truly says "I'm sorry" like a large sum of cash, and Apple will have to open up its wallet to Samsung thanks to "false and misleading" information it published in a court-ordered statement. The decision stems from an earlier UK high court ruling ordering Cupertino to post an apology on its British website stating that the Galaxy Tab didn't copy the iPad. However, according to a new judgement by the the Court of Appeal of England and Wales, the apology it issued contained statements "calculated to produce confusion," like references to unrelated, favorable judgements. Though Apple issued a second apology, the court is taking the unusual step of forcing it to pay all of Samsung's legal fees for the entire case on an "indemnity basis" -- in other words, to compensate the Korean maker for losses suffered due to the original statement. If you'd like to parse the legalese for yourself, hit the source.

Update: Some thought the original phrasing "which it did" implied that we thought Samsung did copy Apple, rather than the intended meaning -- that Apple did issue a retraction. We've changed the wording, so thanks to everyone who pointed it out.

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