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Apple awarded design patent for iBooks page turning animation, Smart Case

When it comes to the question of how many patents Apple can possibly hold, the answer is easy: at least one more. To that end, the company has been awarded a patent on the page curling animation used in iBooks. You know, that neat way the page curls and follows your finger as you slowly leaf through your books, showing text on the opposite side of the page and even curling from the corners if you move your finger vertically. It's one of those effects that elicits an "oh wow" from pretty much everyone the first time they see it, and now it's Apple's.

In related news, Apple has also been awarded the patent for the Smart Case. If you recall, this variation on the Smart Cover was introduced last year alongside the third-generation iPad with Retina display and combined the multi-panel Smart Cover design with a full polyurethane enclosure for the tablet.

[Via AppleInsider]

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