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CCP's Team Klang revamping EVE's soundscape, removing jukebox

Jef Reahard

EVE Online is full of sound and fury, but does it signify anything? We'll leave that up to you. What we can tell you is that the title's sound suite is undergoing something of a revamp. CCP's latest dev blog introduces Team Klang, which is currently redoing all the turret noises to make EVE "more like naval combat and less like dogfighting or light weapon engagements."

Also noteworthy is the fact that CCP is getting ready to remove EVE's MP3 jukebox feature in favor of a soundscape where the music will "play in context of where you are and what you are doing." Translation: there will be individual playlists for hi-sec, low-sec, and null, with 20 base tracks featuring roughly 500 permutations.

The devs have placed all 69 of EVE's current tracks on Soundcloud for those of you who want to continue to roll with custom playlists.

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