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RIFT: Storm Legion launch guide


It's a huge day for Telarans, as Storm Legion cracks the realm of RIFT wide open with a truly massive expansion. Trion Worlds is rolling out a slew of new content for fantasy adventurers to enjoy, including a new player housing system called Dimensions, two sizable continents, four additional souls, and more.

We have been covering the development of Storm Legion since its announcement this past May and have assembled all of the interviews, livestreams, columns, concept art, screenshots, and news in one handy launch guide to help you get the best start in this next phase of RIFT. Have fun and let us know what you think about the expansion!

Enter at Your Own Rift: Storm Legion zone guide
This weekend's RIFT Storm Legion open beta arrived with the news that all zones were open for players to explore. So what better way to spend my gaming time than hopping on my mount and heading off to see as much of the world as possible?
Enter at Your Own Rift: Weathering the tempest
The countdown is on like Donkey Kong, yo, although not as gorilla-y and barrel-y. With two weeks to go until Storm Legion thunders down on our heads like the big awesome expansion that we wanted, RIFT is positively buzzing with anticipation.
Trion releases RIFT's new Storm Legion dungeon to pre-order customers
Storm Legion pre-order customers can take an early crack at some of the content slated for next month's RIFT expansion as of today. Trion says that its newly released Exodus of the Storm Queen dungeon sets up the main storyline for the expansion, and the instance will remain open to level-capped players who pre-order all the way through Storm Legion's November 13th release date.
Trion reveals RIFT's new Defiler soul
Ready for another RIFT soul reveal? Trion's happy to oblige by way of the Defiler. "The Defiler terrifies and impresses with a repertoire of life-warping desecrations and ghastly heals.
Enter at Your Own Rift: Enjoying the finer points of Storm Legion
For the past two weeks, I've been sitting through panel after panel, keynote after keynote, and the constant message was about what the future of MMOs will look like.
Trion releases new RIFT Storm Legion concept art
Trion has released another round of Storm Legion concept art. The latest update features four bodacious beasts that you'll face when RIFT's expansion lands on November 13th.
Previewing RIFT: Storm Legion's Dimensions and dungeons
We're less than a month from the release of RIFT's first official expansion, Storm Legion. The content add-on promises to dramatically expand on RIFT's existing universe, both in terms of mechanics and story and in terms of the raw size of the game world.
RIFT drops Storm Legion NDA, livecasts player housing tour
As RIFT enters its second beta weekend for Storm Legion, the team at Trion Worlds announced that the NDA for the expansion is now lifted. In addition to all of this craziness, the devs took players on a livestream tour of the new player housing system.
Enter at Your Own Rift: Analysing Storm Legion's new souls
I still can't wrap my head around just how many metric tons of content are coming with RIFT: Storm Legion. It's an expansion that looks to put other expansions to shame by sheer size alone.
Get a glimpse of RIFT's Storm Legion in new video and Dimensions livestream
If you've wanted to get a good look at Storm Legion, you're in luck! With only one month left until RIFT's upcoming expansion launch, Trion Worlds is indulging fan curiosity with both a new video and a livestream.
RIFT dimensions video asks, 'What will you create?' [Updated]
We don't know about you, but the folks here at Massively are downright salivating over the upcoming flexible housing system in RIFT: Storm Legion known as dimensions.
Enter at Your Own Rift: Expansion anxiety
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting a big kick out of the little ad banner videos that RIFT is using to promote the Storm Legion expansion.
RIFT reveals the Tactician, master of flamethrowers
RIFT has been updated with new areas and content since launch, but the upcoming Storm Legion expansion is set to seriously kick things up a notch. As if tripling the size of the game world weren't enough, the expansion will raise the level cap and add a new technology-based soul to each of the game's core classes.
RIFT lets you go on the offensive with Hunt Rifts
The titular feature of RIFT is getting another tool for its belt: Hunt Rifts. This new type of dynamic event is coming in Storm Legion and allows players to go on the offensive instead of merely reacting to planar invasions.
RIFT reveals the second new soul for Storm Legion, the Tempest
Warriors in RIFT are usually all about hitting things with weapons. Sure, they drop in some variety, but the focus of the class has always been a strong set of swords or axes or whatever.
Massively Interview: Making strengths of weaknesses in RIFT
RIFT players are currently enjoying the calm before the storm. No, literally -- the Calm Before the Storm patch just launched Wednesday, bringing with it broad changes to factional cooperation and competition and laying the foundation for November's upcoming Storm Legion expansion.
RIFT: Storm Legion targets November 13th, begins pre-orders
The last big unknown of the fall's releases has just set a date for destiny. Trion Worlds announced that it will be releasing RIFT's first expansion, Storm Legion, on November 13th.
PAX Prime 2012: RIFT's Storm Legion approaches
The Storm Legion is coming. Even now, those touched by Crucia are preparing to unleash her will. But RIFT's Storm Legion expansion is bringing more than just dragon minion foes.
Enter at Your Own Rift: RIFT's upcoming housing boom
Have no doubt, it's been an absolutely barnburner of a week or so for RIFT. As Trion Worlds chugs toward the unknown release date for Storm Legion, we've seen the reveal of the first new soul (the Harbinger), a special annual subscription offer, a tour of several areas of the expansion from Gamescom, and oh yeah, news that Trion's all but eliminating factional barriers.
Gamescom 2012: RIFT Storm Legion walkthrough
Fantasy MMO RIFT has been regularly updated with new content since launch, but its upcoming Storm Legion expansion has the potential to blow all previous updates out of the water.
Trion offering free expansion, mount, and title with yearly RIFT sub purchase
If you're a current or former RIFT subscriber, Trion wants you to know that the title's Storm Legion expansion is yours for free if you pony up for a yearly sub.
RIFT announces battle mage soul: The Harbinger
If you listen very carefully, you'll hear the cry from over the mountaintops: "Battle mage? Battle mage?" And if you listen even closer, you'll hear Trion Worlds' response: "Coming in Storm Legion!
RIFT team calls down the thunder in Storm Legion dev diary
"You are a fantasy character going up against technology that is far beyond you," a Trion Worlds developer cautions in a brand-new RIFT: Storm Legion video.
RIFT exclusive: Storm Legion lore bonanza
With fall on its way, the dark forces of the Storm Legion are preparing to invade RIFT and give its players a new challenge. Fans of Trion Worlds' maiden MMO are no doubt scouring the internet for any scraps of relevant information about the expansion, which is why we're pleased to offer you two exclusive lore pieces on the Infinity Gate and the Storm Legion itself.
Enter at Your Own Rift: Going from zero to Storm Legion in a summer
As a returning player, I appreciated Karen's last column, which outlined some of the big changes to the game since last I played. While I had a level 50 Rogue sitting in Sanctum, I just couldn't connect with her because it had been so long.
Enter at Your Own Rift: How will Storm Legion change the face of RIFT?
Expansions are always a great time to get back into a game. Just ask me, Mr. Former-and-Now-Current RIFT Player. That's right -- I've leaped back into RIFT and have rejoined Karen to co-host this column.
E3 2012: RIFT shows Storm Legion's Tower of Dawn, confirms digital CE
While we got a great preview of some of the excitement coming with this fall's RIFT: Storm Legion expansion at E3, the public was treated to a "sneak peek" livestream from the press room by the devs.
E3 2012: RIFT 1.9, Storm Legion, and beyond
RIFT players, Trion loves you. You thought you knew that, but you haven't seen developers champing at the bit trying to figure out whether marketing will allow them to spill all the cool beans that are in store for you.
RIFT: Storm Legion expansion coming this fall
The RIFT army cannot be stopped, and neither can Trion Worlds' incredibly hard-working team. Trion officially announced today that RIFT's first expansion, Storm Legion, will be hitting the stores this fall.

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