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Stable CyanogenMod 10 builds arrive, give devices an unofficial taste of Jelly Bean


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The very first CyanogenMod 10 builds surfaced while Jelly Bean was still extremely fresh in our memories. The passions around Google's new OS might have cooled months down the road, but that doesn't diminish the impact now that the first stable CM10 builds are here. Four (relatively) safe versions have arrived for devices that are either just getting their official Android 4.1 builds or were never destined to get one in the first place: support for the Samsung Galaxy S III in Sprint and Verizon editions is a natural fit, but both the LG Optimus Black and Samsung's Galaxy S II Skyrocket are making their own unofficial leaps. More devices should be coming down the road once any teething bugs are ironed out. You're still taking your own risks by going with a custom ROM, but it may be worthwhile for CM10 if perks like a root-friendly file manager or an expanded desktop are too tempting.

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