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Weekly maintenance extended to 3pm PST

Anne Stickney

Realm maintenance for all Warcraft realms as well as Diablo III and StarCraft II has now been extended to 3pm PST, according to the official BlizzardCS Twitter feed. Maintenance was originally extended to 1pm PST, but apparently some unforeseen issues have come up which require some additional work. What exactly this maintenance is addressing is unknown at this time, but hopefully realms will be up and playable soon.

Blizzard does have a thread that is being updated as more information comes in, so if you're waiting for realms to come back up, you may want to keep an eye on the official thread. Alternatively, if you have a Twitter account, following @BlizzardCS is an excellent way to keep tabs on maintenance issues as well. If there are any further extensions, we'll update this post as needed.

Edit: All servers are now back online and available for play!

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