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Google updates Transparency Report, pledges compliance to the US of A


Curious as to how well Google plays with the governments of the world? Well, you need look no further than the company's latest Transparency Report, which details instances of content removal and user data requests over a six month span. And in this latest issuance, Mountain View's pulling the curtain back once again, revealing its rate of compliance alongside the actual number of individual account access requests it's received. Topping out the list with the highest amount of private / public cooperation is none other than the United States at a near fully submissive 90-percent, with Japan and Denmark following closely behind. There's no need to dole out the conspiracy theories just yet though -- the majority of these events are linked to criminal investigations and copyright infringement complaints. Still, it's an eye-opening glimpse into the life of our personal data and the price you pay for free services. Check out the source below to parse the granular bits of privacy data on display.

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