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Tom Hardy straps on the goggles for Splinter Cell movie


Ubisoft has found its star for a film based on the popular stealth series, Splinter Cell. Tom Hardy will trade his Bane mask from The Dark Knight Rises for the glowing goggles worn by the game's gruff protagonist, Sam Fisher.

According to a report on Variety, Ubisoft has yet to lock down a studio, though it has engaged with Paramount and Warner Bros. in preliminary talks. The script also has yet to be finalized – it's coming from Eric Warren Singer, who wrote 2009 thriller The International.

If it all goes through, Hardy will join Michael Fassbender, who is taking lead on an Assassin's Creed film with New Regency, in Ubisoft's forthcoming film lineup.

Meanwhile, the next game in the Splinter Cell series, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, is slated to launch in Spring 2013.

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