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Amazon counts down to Black Friday with early gaming deals


Amazon is already laying on the Black Friday deals as it prepares for another Lightning-packed day of discounts. While the site isn't brimming over with bargains like it should be next Friday, there are some decent savings to look out for.

The pick of the bunch is the $50 trade-in bonus for a Wii. The bonus must go towards one of the four qualifying Xbox 360 bundles, but Amazon is already slashing $50 off three of them. There's a range of qualifying Wii bundles, with the common white unit with Wii Sports worth $70.00. So if you fancy trading that in for a new 250GB XBox 360 with Skyrim and Forza Horizon, you'll save a total $120 off its $250 price tag, taking it down to $130.

That's not a bad deal if, say, you're already switching over to Wii U but like the look of a new 360 too. If you just want a 360, Amazon is offering $50-$115 savings on select units.

On the software side, for now the biggest savings are a bit more random. We like the look of the charming Kirby's Epic Yarn at $17.21, the era-converging Sonic Generations on Xbox 360 at $18.10, and the submerged creepiness of BioShock 2 on PC at a measly $6.47. Come next Friday, however, there should be a plentiful selection to take your fancy.

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