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Massively Exclusive: New Vindictus video showcases Season 2

MJ Guthrie

Last week, we brought you an exclusive detailing the new Season 2 content hitting Vindictus, including a boss that can swallow players whole. Today, we have a new video so you can see that content in action!

Have you ever wanted to grapple with a gigantic anthropomorphic octopus with spiked tentacles, or a towering undead pirate captain? If so, Vindictus' two new bosses will be right up your alley. But a couple new bosses isn't all Season 2 has to offer; the trailer also tours through the new zones that these foes inhabit. Get an up close personal look at the the bugs and spear-wielding Jungle Trolls of Crescent Moon Island and the rain-soaked planks of the Ship Graveyard in the clip past the cut.

[Source: Nexon press release]

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