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Murder this innocent creature, win fabulous prizes

Alex Ziebart

One of Mists of Pandaria's strengths is how well it has reintroduced exploration and discovery into World of Warcraft. There are hidden quests scattered throughout the continent, just waiting for you to find them. The adorable critter up above is not terribly hidden, but is still often overlooked.

Found in the Valley of the Four Winds immediately west of the Pools of Purity, Manglemaw is minding his own business, chomping away at a few dead cranes. Killing Manglemaw spawns Manglemaw's Mother, and killing her will grant you an Enormous Crocolisk Tail. The quest it provides, a simple quest wherein you simply deliver the tail to Yan, will reward you with 129,000 experience and a bit over 10 gold.

"Fabulous prizes" may have been an exaggeration, but your alts will appreciate the bonus regardless.

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