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Time-traveling lumberjack bear puncher news: 'Fist of Awesome' hits Kickstarter


Nicoll Hunt, a Scottish game developer running a studio called I Fight Bears (which was previously responsible for the Tron-esque Hard Lines for iOS), has opened up a Kickstarter for a new project called Fist of Awesome. It's a retro beat-em-up starring a time-traveling lumberjack named Tim Burr, who fights bison, dinosaurs, and anything else thrown in his way.

The game is set to have some interesting touchscreen controls, in that all of Tim's combos come from different swipes and taps. The music will be composed by developer Brendan Ratliff, also known as Echolevel, who's made a few games of his own already.

Hunt says the game is set for iOS and Android at first, with other platforms possibly coming later. He's requesting £5,000 – a small price to pay for punching a grizzly bear in the face.

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