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Xbox celebrates ten years of Live, will give special-edition 360s to contest winners

Nicole Lee, @nicole

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It's hard to believe a whole decade has passed since the birth of Xbox Live, but here we are. From its roots as an online multiplayer service, Live has grown into a full-fledged entertainment platform bringing users Achievements and Gamerscores, customizable avatars, entertainment services and apps like Xbox Music and SmartGlass. As part of the celebration, you can head over to to try to win a limited edition Tenth Anniversary Xbox 360 and pick up a free copy of Wreckateer. You can also save 50 percent on a number of games that include Fruit Ninja Kinect, Full House Poker and Peggle. After you've entered the contest and downloaded a few games, go ahead and put in an extra hour of Halo 4 today, because hey, that's the least you can do to celebrate a service that's given you ten years of joy.

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