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Facebook app updated with new sharing, tagging and emoji features

The Facebook app for iOS has received a slew of welcome features in its latest update, version 5.2. The biggest change is the new Share button, which the website has had for a while. Now users can share a friend's photos, links or videos on their or another friend's wall with just a tap.

Tagging has also been improved. Now you can tag your friends in any photo, post, or comment. Finally, the update bring the ability to use smilies, hearts, and other emoji symbols in messages.

Mark Zuckerberg has said that mobile is the future for Facebook, and the latest update shows that the company is busy bringing all its web-based features to their iOS app. I would love to see the "Translate" feature make its way from web to mobile next. Let us know in the comments what Facebook features you hope to see in the app soon.

Facebook is a free download.

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