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iPads in the classroom reinvigorate teachers


We often hear about the iPad's impact on students and their academic achievement, but a new article in Edudemic also discusses the effect iPads are having on teachers. The report comes from Fred Sitkins, principal of Boyne City Elementary School in Boyne City, Mich., who writes "I've never observed anything else that has had the impact on teacher personal learning like the introduction of the iPad."

Teachers are invigorated by this new learning tool in their classroom and are changing their teaching style as a result of this technology. Rather than pushing rote knowledge, teachers are becoming "facilitators of student learning." They are helping their students learn how to process information, not just memorize it, and they are increasing their own skills as well. "I've observed the collective knowledge base of our teachers grow at a rate that far exceeds any other period of time in my 13 years at this school," writes Sitkins.

You can read more about Sitkin's positive assessment of the classroom iPad in his article on Edudemic. The article also appears in the November issue of Edudemic's iPad magazine.

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