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Jailed ARMA devs have been refused bail


Detained ArmA 3 developers Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar have been denied an appeal against their espionage charges. Eurogamer, working off a translation of news site Rozhlas, reports the pair of Czech developers have now been held for over 70 days, waiting weeks longer to have their appeal heard due to a strike in the Greek legal system.

Developer Bohemia Interactive previously stated the two men were on vacation and were not there on official company business. The pair stated two months ago the incident was a "completely absurd misunderstanding."

The men are reportedly in a cell with over 25 people, sleeping on the ground. According to family members, the tone of their conversations with the men have changed to them asking to be saved. The Czech government claims it is doing what it can. Bohemia has set up a site to show support.

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