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Lorenz Potthast's Decelerator helmet gives you slow-motion vision, sci-fi style


Ever wish you could just push a slow-mo button and cause the hustle and bustle of city life to ease up a little? Maybe you'd just like to seal yourself off from your surroundings within the confines of a shiny aluminum sphere. German artist Lorenz Potthast didn't stop at thinking about it, he did something. Dubbed the "Decelerator," the avant garde piece of headgear does just that: it has a camera that feeds video to the head-mounted display inside, with the wearer (or someone else) able to control the speed of the video playback with a remote. A netbook stuffed in the top handles all the video processing, and an LCD on the outside offers passers-by a look at what the wearer sees. You can find a video after the break and more details at the source link below if you're interested in building your own -- Potthast apparently has no plans to go into the Decelerator business.

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