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NPD: Digital game sales up 22 percent in Q3, almost the majority slice of a $2.87 billion pie

Zachary Lutz

Take one look at NPD's quarterly gaming sales report and it'll be hard to deny that digital distribution now carries the industry's momentum. For the months of July through September, digital sales were pegged at $1.4 billion, which represents a 22 percent increase over Q3 2011. In comparison, new physical sales declined by 16 percent year-over-year, which raked in $1.07 billion for the industry. It's only when the used and rental markets are taken into consideration -- which snagged $399 million in change -- that physical sales remain ahead of the digital game. A broader look at the video game industry reveals a bit of stagnation, as overall sales have declined by one percent when compared to Q3 2011. With that in mind, perhaps you'll consider making a few extra downloads this holiday season, just to nudge things along.

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