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Xbox 360 Black Friday deals


Microsoft has posted its Black Friday (November 23) deals like a confetti bomb. Ok, let's break this down:
  • Walmart has the glossy white 4GB Xbox 360 with Skylanders and a figurine for $150.
  • Best Buy, Fred Meyer, Fry's and Newegg have 250GB Xbox 360 with Skyrim and Forza 4 Essentials for $200.
  • Moms and Dads, Target, Amazon, Sams's Club, Meijer, Kmart and MS Stores have 4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect and Kinect Disneyland Adventures for $200.
Other retail-specific console rando deals can be found on Major Nelson's site. There's also discounts on first-party games across the bard, with Dance Central 3, Kinect Sports Ultimate and Fable: The Journey all priced $30; Forza Horizon drops the hammer to $40.

Finally, teh haloz. Grab Halo 4 at Target on November 23 or 24 and receive a $20 gift card. Grab the game from Amazon on November 22 or 23 and receive a $20 gift card, plus $10 in Amazon Instant Video Credit. Major Nelson also teases on Black Friday he'll tweet out more deals. We'll still be in a turkey coma around here.

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