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Breakfast Topic: How do you handle being lapped by updates and nerfs?


Despite the fact that Blizzard means for previous raid tiers to be puggably quick and easy and propel players into the most current content, plenty of slowbie guilds and players out there are moving through older content at their own dogged pace. It could be that they're part of a retro raiding group, or maybe they're trying to experience all the content in a reasonably level-appropriate fashion. Maybe they're simply new players learning the game without the benefit of leveling boosts.

But there's more to the slowbie playstyle than alts making the occasional frolic through pre-Mists raids. Many players don't have the schedules, game knowledge, group coordination, or individual skill strength to push through an entire tier of raiding before it's nerfed. If you just opened your mouth to protest "But everybody can get through LFR or normal-mode raiding nowadays!", then you're in for a whole world of surprise. Many players find it more rewarding to play with friends and family than to progress without them, which can be challenging for groups with a bad group composition, scheduling snarls, or player weaknesses in key positions. The game is just as fun and rewarding for these players -- but it doesn't move very quickly.

So if you're one of those happily playing along behind the curve, do you take advantage of the raid nerfs, or do you plug along without them? What about small-group or solo content and achievements that get the nerf bat before you can work your way through them -- how do you plan for and handle those? Are you even aware of the differences in the content as it was launched and as you're playing through it today, and do you care? What content are you playing through now, and do you foresee catching up to Mists in the near future?

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